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The Story of Hawthorne Upholstery

Hawthorne Upholstery was established by Gary Worsnop in a small workshop down Hawthorn Avenue. In 1971, he began by re-upholstering furniture for family and friends, followed by friends of friends and it continued to grow from there.

Gary was brought up and lived in Hull but learnt his trade working as an apprentice upholsterer in Nottingham. Leaving his young family behind, he stayed in digs near to work during the week and would thumb a lift to and from his home city every weekend.

The business moved from a garage down Hawthorn Avenue to a shop on at the top of Hawthorn Avenue, on Hessle Road. Later, he took on a factory unit also down Hawthorne Avenue. Gary always dreamt of working with his sons and gradually brought Philip, Robert and Dean into the business.

After more than 20 years, in 1991, the business moved away from Hawthorn Avenue to nearby North Road.
Here the business flourished and built a reputation based on high standards of workmanship at affordable prices. Due to health problems, Gary took a back seat from this period but Philip and Robert gradually took the business forward but always keeping the traditional values that Gary had started. Traditional upholstery and antique work became their forte and they continue to upholster traditional and modern furniture but always in the traditional way of thinking that the job comes first!

Alas, Gary passed away in 2008 but happy that he had fulfilled his dream and has left his sons to carry on the family business. Today, Hawthorne Upholstery is often seen as one of the premier upholstery companies in North East England and we continue refining our skills and treating every job with equal care.

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